Pickleball is now one of the most popular sports in the country and is friendlier on the body than most other sports. We are now hosting this fast-paced, fast-growing game at Pickleball City @ Pier 36. It is a cross between badminton, ping pong, and tennis.
If you are searching for an active team-building experience that works for all ages and skill levels, you can organize a tournament, breakout session, or private lessons. Consider pickleball as a way to network and build teams at corporate events. We are here and ready to host. Below are open play and rental options. 

Morning 730a – 930a Mid Afternoon 12p – 2p Afternoon 530p – 730pm

(Additional Times Subject to Change)
$25/per person per 90min session via Conquer App
Full Court Rentals $100/Hr
(212) 233 4848
Michael Collins


NYC’s premier “state-of-the-art facility” contains seven air-conditioned basketball courts complete and first class locker rooms. We have two courts set up for 6 Pickleball Courts. In addition to open play, the courts are available for private rentals, special events, corporate team buildings events & more.
The facility also includes a VIP Mezzanine which will be serving food and beverages, a 55,000+ sq. ft. parking lot, and a 15,000 sq. ft. deck on the East River overlooking the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, the Statue of Liberty and downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan.


You do not need to join a league. Pickleball is special in that you can just show up to an open play session and join in. While most open play sessions around the city are open to all levels, some locations are catered to more advanced levels and those skill level expectations should be respected.

The best paddle to use is any paddle that’s in your hand. If you go to a beginner session and ask if anyone can bring an extra paddle, there will often be someone willing to let you borrow one.

There is no perfect way to know your exact level, but there are a few guides online to give you a general idea.

It is best to determine a self-rating, and drop it by half a point if you are looking to join a level specific group for the first time. Once you get comfortable there, feel free to then move up.


Here are 10 simple rules that first-time players should learn before their first match:
Volley serves must be underhand
Scoring in doubles includes three sets of numbers
Sides alternate serving in doubles
There’s a method to remove the advantage of serving first in doubles
The ball must bounce once per side after the serve 
Volleying isn’t allowed within the kitchen (7 feet on either side of the net)
Rallies are commonly lost in three ways: out-of-bounds balls, the ball bouncing twice on a side before being hit, and kitchen violations
Only the serving team can score points
Games are commonly played to 11, but sometimes 15 or 21
Games must be won by a margin of 2 points